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Pre-Wired Network

A pre-wired home can support a wide range of technologies, including high-speed Internet service, digital television service, local computer networks, home entertainment and home security applications. If you move into a home equipped with a wired network, there are some advantages of using this network over installing a complete new one.

1) Cost-effective:

You can save the largest upfront installation cost which is already done for you.

2) Easy-to-use:

Since your entire home socket is already pre-wired and connected, you will be able to plug into the network from any room in your home easily.

3) High-efficiency and effectiveness:

Technological applications are likely to increase in the future – multiple outlets and a high-speed Internet connection throughout the home is the key to efficiency. Also, an internal computer network can link everyone in the household and provide access to shared printers.

Pre-wired network will ensure that you will get the most out of your home.